Financial Engines

HART has partnered with Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C. to provide Professional Investment Management to participants in this retirement plan. Nobel Prize-winning economist Bill Sharpe co-founded Financial Engines, Inc. in 1996 after spending decades helping the country’s largest pension funds invest billions of dollars of retirement money. He believed that technology could make it possible to offer the same sophisticated retirement help to individuals, regardless of wealth or investment experience. Today, Bill’s revolutionary vision — to give everyone access to independent, high-quality investment advice — is a reality.

As a member of the HART retirement plan, you can get help managing your investments with Financial Engines, the nation’s largest independent investment advisor. Because everybody is different, they offer different ways to get help. Free Online Advice for the do-it-yourself investor, Professional Management for the hands-off investor, and Personal Advisor for more complex financial situations (working with a local planner to build a comprehensive financial plan).

To learn more and to access Financial Engines:

  • Access your personal account via the HART website
  • Locate the tile labeled “Advice by Financial Engines”, directly below Account Balance, then click on the “Learn More” button

To contact Financial Engines: